Improve trailer aerodynamics & start saving fuel.

At Slipstreem Aerodynamics, we didn't invent the boat-tail – we perfected it. The result is the Showtime 100, a collapsible device that's easily mounted to most Wabash, Stoughton and Utility dry vans, Great Dane Sure Seal refrigerated vans and all Great Dane models produced from 2011 forward. Its curved design and lightweight composite construction allows the air to smoothly exit the rear of the vehicle, providing unmatched fuel efficiency, lower diesel costs and improved driver handling and satisfaction.

The proof is in the performance.

Whether you own your own truck or an entire fleet, the Slipstreem Showtime 100 collapsible boat-tail gives you the benefits you're looking for.

  • Reduce fuel consumption
    Generates more than a 3-4% gain in fuel economy. Multiply that by the number of trucks and the miles they travel to calculate your savings.
  • Increase available horsepower
    The Showtime 100's curved design reduces drag, requiring 25 to 35 less horsepower to pull the same load. This may even reduce wear on tires and engines.
  • Improve truck handling
    Even with a 30 mph side wind, drivers reported improved stability with the Showtime 100, requiring considerably less effort to drive.
  • Requires no driver interaction
    Collapsible design allows trailers to back into almost any dock, without damage to the device and without extra steps for the driver.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
    Save 5.5 tones of emissions every 60,000 miles traveled.
  • Eliminate maintenance
    Crafted of composites, aluminum and stainless steel, the Showtime 100 needs no maintenance throughout a lifetime of use.
  • Recover your costs more quickly
    Designed to last the lifetime of the trailer for an average of seven years.

Different is better.

Its unique design allows the Slipstreem Showtime 100 to outperform competitors in real-life conditions.
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